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Bluestone paver patio


Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page of CountryScape, your destination for all things related to patios, patio design, landscaping, and stonework. As a leading landscaper and landscape design specialist, we understand that embarking on a patio project or enhancing your outdoor space can raise many questions and concerns.


Whether you're seeking guidance on stone patios, patio installation, or landscaping solutions, you've come to the right place. Our FAQ section aims to provide comprehensive answers to common questions, offering insights into our services, process, and expertise. As your trusted patio installer and landscaping company, we're committed to transparency, ensuring you have the information you need to make informed decisions about your outdoor living spaces. Explore our FAQs below to discover how CountryScape can transform your vision into reality with our unparalleled expertise in patio design and stonework.

  • Is CountryScape licensed and insured?
    Definitely! CountryScape carries full liability and workers compensation insurance for our employees protection, and yours! We're also OSHA safety certified, licensed Hoisting Engineers to operate equipment, licensed Mass. Construction Supervisors and Home Improvement Contractors, and ICPI Certified Paver Installers. 
  • What does a patio cost?
    Every project is unique so there's no easy answer to that question. There are many factors to consider, including choice of materials and complexity of project. But, a minimum budget of $25 per square-foot is reasonable. For example, a 15'x20' paver patio is 300sqft. 300 x $25 = $7,500 For a more accurate assessment, schedule a consultation with Justin. He'll help you explore all the options, and set a budget for your project. 
  • Do you have any references I could talk to?
    Yes, we take special pride in that so many of our clients offer themselves as references. In most cases, we can help you contact a past client with a similar project as yours. Or, even a arrange a site visit to see their project. If you're interested in references, please email us or call the office at 413-625-9576.
  • Will my project require a permit?
    Most patio projects do not require a permit. In the rare instances when they do, we're are a licensed Mass. Construction Supervisor and take care of all permitting process for you. 
  • Don't see the answer to your question?
    We're here to help. Email us or call Lisa in our office at 413-625-9576. We look forward to hearing from you!
  • When can you schedule my project?
    That's often one of the hardest questions to answer. Projects are added to our job list on a first-come first-served basis, and our backlog can vary from season to season. We look at new projects every week and projects can last from one day to one year. The good news is though, CountryScape isn't a one man show! We've got multiple crews of highly trained hardscape installers, and we're often able to start your project within three to six months. Sometimes sooner!
  • Does my work come with a Warranty?
    Yes! CountryScape backs up its workmanship for a period of (5) years. In addition, many of the high quality materials we use come with great warranties to cover materials too. You'll find the terms of our warranty spelled out in our installation agreement. 
  • How long will my project take to complete?
    Most clients are pleasantly surprised when we tell them how quickly we can finish their project. A simple patio can take as little as a week to complete. On larger projects, our crews team up to get your project completed even quicker. Leaving you plenty of time to enjoy it!
  • Will CountryScape owner, Justin Bardwell be on site to oversee our project?
    Absolutely! We understand how important this is to our customers. Justin works side-by-side with his employees on every project. When Justin can't be there, a CountryScape Crew Leader is always there to oversee the project and answer your questions.
  • Do you charge for an estimate or design suggestions?
    There's no charge for our initial site visit or proposal. Besides gathering measurements and other information needed for a proposal, we'll also go over some design ideas for your project and discuss whether formal design drawings are necessary. Visit our Landscape Design page for more information on design plans and costs.


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