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Almost all landscape installations benefit from a landscape design plan. You will save time and money in the long run if all important decisions are answered before breaking ground.

Don’t worry, though! This doesn’t mean months of overly complicated decisions and planning. For many projects, a simple 2D or 3D digital model is all you need to work out the important details. When a more thorough set of plans is required, we have the training and experience to provide those as well!


Sometimes the project is so small and straightforward that it is unnecessary to spend time putting a design on paper. If we both agree that this is the case, we’ll skip the design and move straight to the proposal phase.

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Our design process is simple and straightforward. Here’s what to expect:

1) We’ll meet you on site to discuss your ideas, goals, aesthetic, budget, material choices and time frame.

2) If a design plan makes sense, we’ll take photos and measurements of the area to be designed.

3) The first draft of your design will usually be ready within a few weeks. ​

4) You may want to tweak your design. No problem! This is very common and we’re happy to revise the drawing as much as we need to.

5) Once revisions are completed and you’re happy with the design, CountryScape will produce a guaranteed proposal to complete the job from start to finish.


Most of our landscape design and planning services are billed at a flat hourly rate, which covers all time and materials to produce your plans. Every project is unique, so we’ll help you figure out what is most cost effective for your project. Here’s what you would typically get:

  • 2-Dimensional (Plan View) Construction Ready Plans

  • 3-Dimensional Color Models, with Specific Material Examples

  • Grading, Planting, Drainage & Lighting Plans

If you’d like a quick quote on what it’d cost to develop a landscape plan for your project, please email us or schedule a consultation.

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