Do you need a Landscape Design?

The short answer is…probably.


Here's why - We have found that almost all landscape installations benefit from a landscape design plan. You will almost always save time and money in the long term if all important decisions are considered (and answered) before breaking ground.


Skilled labor is always the most expensive part of a landscape installation. So as a homeowner, you don’t want a landscape crew wasting any time standing around waiting for decisions to be made ‘on-the-fly.’ It's inefficient, and costly! If our landscape crew has a detailed landscape plan in-hand on day-one of the project, you know that your project is being built efficiently, without cutting corners, and to the highest professional standards. Because, it’s what we do best!


Yes, in some cases the project is so small and straightforward that it is unnecessary to spend time putting a plan on paper. If both you and CountryScape agree that this is the case, we will skip the design, and move straight to the proposal phase. Regardless, every project we do includes a landscape agreement, to spell out all the details!

Landscape Design Process

We know it's not always easy to envision the finished design. With CountryScape, you've got a lot of options as to how your landscape design can be rendered...We'll help you choose what's best for you! 


Your landscape plan will be a professional, detailed scale drawing of your project, typically drawn or produced with a Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) program by CountryScape owner and Landscape Designer Justin Bardwell.

1) CountryScape Owner and Landscape Designer, Justin Bardwell will meet you at your home to discuss your ideas, aesthetic, budget, material choices and time frame.


2) If a design plan makes sense, we'll take photos and gather measurements to create a scale drawing of your property and the area to be designed.

3) The first draft of your design will usually be ready within a few weeks. 

4) You may want to 'tweak' your design. No problem! This is very common, and we're happy to revise the drawing as much as we need to, to fit your budget and aesthetic.


5) When you're happy with the design, CountryScape will produce a guaranteed proposal, including everything from start to finish for your project. And, with your approval, we'll add your project to our schedule! 

Landscape Design Cost

1) We charge a flat rate of $60 per hour for all landscape design and planning services. This covers all time and materials to produce a landscape design plan. Here’s what you get:

  • 2D construction-ready site plans, planting plans, and construction details. (See Examples)

  • 3D color models with specific landscape material examples. (See Examples)


2) If you choose to proceed with installing your new landscape design, your landscape design fees are credited to your final invoice, up to $500. For many clients with small to medium-sized projects, this means your design was essentially free!


3) If your design fees exceed $500, you will still be credited the $500 on the final invoice, but you will be responsible for any fees over that credit. This is more common on very large or complex installations.

In any case, you own your design at the end of the design process! If you’d like a quote on what it’d cost to develop a landscape plan for your project, fill out the form below.


Landscape Design Examples

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